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A Tribute to Our Friend Eric the Actor

Eric the Actor Dead at 39

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Eric the Actor (formerly known as Eric the Midget) has died on September 20, 2014 at 39 years of age.

Eric Lynch, the long time Howard Stern show contributor was rushed to hospital Saturday with apparent heart problems. Johnny Fratto, Eric’s manager and friend announced his passing on Twitter.

The Stern Show crew is also morning this loss. The clip below is one of Howard Stern’s favourite clips featuring Eric the Actor.

Eric the Actor Changes His Name Again

Excitement was in the air on the Howard Stern show today with news of a “Big Announcement” coming in from Eric the Actor.

Eric and his agent, Johnny Fratto, called in together. Eric was immediately insulted by a gay joke delivered by Howard Stern and hung up the phone. After a quick nap Johnny was left to make the announcement on his own.

“Eric now wants to be called Eric the Midget,” said Fratto. He announced that after years of struggling with it he has accepted the name and despite its demeaning nature. His reasoning was that if he wants to sue people using “Eric the Midget” he needs to retain the name.

Eric quickly called back into the show to correct Johnny. He announced that he would like to be know as “Eric the Actor, formerly known as Eric the Midget.”

Stern and his staff refused to accept the new name citing it as ridiculous.

Eric the Actor Birthday Call

I’m a couple of days late, but Happy belated Birthday Eric! Eric the Actor turned 38 on March 11, 2013.

Eric called in to Howard Stern earlier this week to let everyone know that it was his birthday. Howard said he didn’t have time but gave Eric the actor quite a bit of on air time anyways. This is just proof that Howard really does have a soft spot for Eric after all.

At the time of the call he didn’t “really have much plans to do”. Howard noted that Eric had defied the odds by making it to 38 and Eric attributed it to drinking as much soda as he possibly could.

Eric said that his birthday wish was to “go through the day without having to put up with any bullshit” and Howard promptly ruined that by playing a song parody of Eric.

Check out the Eric the Actor Birthday Call here!

WTF!?! – Rent a Midget?

I was searching for some more good Eric the Midget stuff to post and came across a real life, “Rent a Midget” service!

Ha ha well at least our friend Eric is getting better work that these poor saps. Check out this prank call of these guys ordering a midget:

Check out their website if you don’t believe me. I like how they now offer Magician services.

http://www.rentamidget.com/ (not affiliated)

Eric Endures the Gay Detector!!

While George Takei was in this morning, Howard Stern was searching for someone, unsuspecting, to use his “gay detector” on.  Gary left a message for Eric the Actor and he caled back and was on the air within a minute.

Howard tested everyone in the studio, Fred was straight, George was gay, Howard was straight and Eric turned out to be super gay.

Needless to say, Eric was not happy that he had gotten out of bed for this!

Hopefully we’ll have an audio clip for you to hear shortly.

Eric Wants Howard to Play His TNA Video

“Can you finally fucking play my TNA video, I’m gonna be fired for you not giving attention to the video!”

Howard finally, begrudgingly, plays a clip from Eric the Actor’s TNA videos.

Listen as Eric calls Bobby Roode out – “He should hurry his chicken ass out of the arena.” Bobby shows up and tries to mouth off Eric.

It’s Eric the Actor’s 10 year Anniversary

Happy anniversary Eric!

10th anniversary: On September 19, 2002, a star was born. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the first Howard Stern Show call from Eric the Actor (previously known as Eric the Midget). Eric called in to the show Wednesday, and the cast recounted his greatest on-air moments, from his plan to open a modeling agency to his more recent “werewolf rider”. Eric also talked about his future acting career aspirations, which would ideally feature appearances on shows including “Modern Family,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Anger Management”.

Eric the Actor also officially endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term, saying he plans to vote for Obama via absentee ballot this fall.
Get more information on Examiner.com

Eric the Midget’s Return to Howard Stern

The 10 Demandments

The 10 Demandments

Johnny Frodo’s on a TV show and Eric returns to Howard Stern with a list of demands :) . “Without Howard you’ve got nothing.” Johnny tells Eric.

Here’s the list of demands. The 10 Demandments:

  • The nickname Eric the Midget will be gone forever
  • You cannot use the word “midget” at all on the show any more. Staff can’t use the word. Callers can’t use the word etc.
  • All of the bullshit about me being an ungrateful ingrate angry and all the time mad at the world person comes to an end at once and for all. I am fucking sick of you.
  • All of the fucking verbal abuse and bullying on the air and off the air ends. Howard I feel like you’re a hypocrite.
  • Enough of putting me in the whack pack, that ends right away.
  • I want you to put your connections to use and help out Johnny get me some new gigs. Also get me on some game shows.
  • From now on nothing but outright respect when I call in. No more sound effects or talking over me when i’m trying to talk.
  • I want set call times.
  • I demand that I take Steven Langeford’s spot on the Howard 100 news team as the West coast member of the team.
  • Also, trips to Las Vegas, Disneyland, Disneyworld and other places I’d like to visit. And more trips up to the Bunny Ranch, Playboy Mansion and trips to see WWE Wrestling, pay per view non pay per view.
  • During base ball spring training next year you do a series for charity best of 7 year baseball team with Howard coaching.

Listen and see how Howard responds to each demand lol.

Howard counter offers Eric with a sandwich and to lock him in a pet cave.

I can’t embed this one, but check it out on youtube: http://youtu.be/WK8ODSxabAo

Eric Needs his Oxygen and Can’t Make in Plain Site

Eric the Actor gets a job and tries his damndest to screw it up. Gary gets a note regarding the opportunity the Stern show setup for him and didn’t plan ahead to get an oxygen tank ready.

Gary says he’s “done with him”, after this one! “I wanted to fly out there and kill him!” lol

They try for a bit and finally get him on the phone.

Pictures from In Plain Site

Here are some shots of Eric from his appearance on In Plain Site. The lead up to this was quite entertaining and included a number of  conference calls between Eric, Howard Stern and the Producer of In Plain Sight, ——.

It almost didn’t happen! There were a number of issues surrounding compensation, travel and accommodations at first. Then Eric and Johnny had put together a list of requests/demands that got a little over the top. The biggest request was that Eric be kept safe from werewolves while in New Mexico. Reasonable enough.

Mary McCormack and Eric the Midget

Eric the Midget with Mary McCormack

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