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Eric Endures the Gay Detector!!

While George Takei was in this morning, Howard Stern was searching for someone, unsuspecting, to use his “gay detector” on.  Gary left a message for Eric the Actor and he caled back and was on the air within a minute. Howard tested everyone in the studio, Fred was straight, George was gay, Howard was straight and [...]

Eric Wants Howard to Play His TNA Video

“Can you finally fucking play my TNA video, I’m gonna be fired for you not giving attention to the video!” Howard finally, begrudgingly, plays a clip from Eric the Actor’s TNA videos. Listen as Eric calls Bobby Roode out – “He should hurry his chicken ass out of the arena.” Bobby shows up and tries to [...]

It’s Eric the Actor’s 10 year Anniversary

Happy anniversary Eric! 10th anniversary: On September 19, 2002, a star was born. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the first Howard Stern Show call from Eric the Actor (previously known as Eric the Midget). Eric called in to the show Wednesday, and the cast recounted his greatest on-air moments, from his plan to open a [...]

Eric the Midget’s Return to Howard Stern

Johnny Frodo’s on a TV show and Eric returns to Howard Stern with a list of demands . “Without Howard you’ve got nothing.” Johnny tells Eric. Here’s the list of demands. The 10 Demandments: The nickname Eric the Midget will be gone forever You cannot use the word “midget” at all on the show any [...]

Pictures from In Plain Site

Here are some shots of Eric from his appearance on In Plain Site. The lead up to this was quite entertaining and included a number of  conference calls between Eric, Howard Stern and the Producer of In Plain Sight, ——. It almost didn’t happen! There were a number of issues surrounding compensation, travel and accommodations at first. [...]