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Eric the Actor Birthday Call

I’m a couple of days late, but Happy belated Birthday Eric! Eric the Actor turned 38 on March 11, 2013. Eric called in to Howard Stern earlier this week to let everyone know that it was his birthday. Howard said he didn’t have time but gave Eric the actor quite a bit of on air [...]

Eric Needs his Oxygen and Can’t Make in Plain Site

Eric the Actor gets a job and tries his damndest to screw it up. Gary gets a note regarding the opportunity the Stern show setup for him and didn’t plan ahead to get an oxygen tank ready. Gary says he’s “done with him”, after this one! “I wanted to fly out there and kill him!” [...]

Eric Calls into the Playboy Channel

Eric calls into The Bridgette and Wednesday Show on Playboy Radio. He doesn’t really have much to say. As Howard puts it “It’s finally the nerdy guy gets to talk to the hot chick. And she actually has to entertain him. Here it is. Ignore the lame video loop.

Howard Wants Eric to Fly on Balloons

“When I tell you that I’m not going to fly I mean it! Nobody in this world is going to get me to do something that fucking stupid. You cannot make someone do something they do not want to do. It’s inhuman. So stop getting your fucking hopes up.” Eric leaves the show a message [...]