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Eric the Midget’s Return to Howard Stern

The 10 Demandments

The 10 Demandments

Johnny Frodo’s on a TV show and Eric returns to Howard Stern with a list of demands :) . “Without Howard you’ve got nothing.” Johnny tells Eric.

Here’s the list of demands. The 10 Demandments:

  • The nickname Eric the Midget will be gone forever
  • You cannot use the word “midget” at all on the show any more. Staff can’t use the word. Callers can’t use the word etc.
  • All of the bullshit about me being an ungrateful ingrate angry and all the time mad at the world person comes to an end at once and for all. I am fucking sick of you.
  • All of the fucking verbal abuse and bullying on the air and off the air ends. Howard I feel like you’re a hypocrite.
  • Enough of putting me in the whack pack, that ends right away.
  • I want you to put your connections to use and help out Johnny get me some new gigs. Also get me on some game shows.
  • From now on nothing but outright respect when I call in. No more sound effects or talking over me when i’m trying to talk.
  • I want set call times.
  • I demand that I take Steven Langeford’s spot on the Howard 100 news team as the West coast member of the team.
  • Also, trips to Las Vegas, Disneyland, Disneyworld and other places I’d like to visit. And more trips up to the Bunny Ranch, Playboy Mansion and trips to see WWE Wrestling, pay per view non pay per view.
  • During base ball spring training next year you do a series for charity best of 7 year baseball team with Howard coaching.

Listen and see how Howard responds to each demand lol.

Howard counter offers Eric with a sandwich and to lock him in a pet cave.

I can’t embed this one, but check it out on youtube: http://youtu.be/WK8ODSxabAo

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