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A Tribute to Our Friend Eric the Actor

Eric the Actor Changes His Name Again

Excitement was in the air on the Howard Stern show today with news of a “Big Announcement” coming in from Eric the Actor.

Eric and his agent, Johnny Fratto, called in together. Eric was immediately insulted by a gay joke delivered by Howard Stern and hung up the phone. After a quick nap Johnny was left to make the announcement on his own.

“Eric now wants to be called Eric the Midget,” said Fratto. He announced that after years of struggling with it he has accepted the name and despite its demeaning nature. His reasoning was that if he wants to sue people using “Eric the Midget” he needs to retain the name.

Eric quickly called back into the show to correct Johnny. He announced that he would like to be know as “Eric the Actor, formerly known as Eric the Midget.”

Stern and his staff refused to accept the new name citing it as ridiculous.

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