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A Tribute to Our Friend Eric the Actor

Eric’s AGT Wrap Up Show – June 13, 2012

Here’s the June 13, 2012 AGT Wrap up show with your host Eric the Actor! This show is or at least was running live on uStream after every America’s Got Talent.

Eric thinks that the squirrel should have gotten voted through and the old guy should have been dropped! He answers such questions as:

  • how would you rate Howard’s Judging?
  • Do you think that Richard should spend more time on Howard’s wardrobe?
  • Have you ever considered being a contestant on AGT?
  • What are your favourite kind of acts; monkey’s or dogs?
Stay tuned while Eric the midget answers these and many more questions!

Eric Calls into the Playboy Channel

Eric calls into The Bridgette and Wednesday Show on Playboy Radio. He doesn’t really have much to say.

As Howard puts it “It’s finally the nerdy guy gets to talk to the hot chick. And she actually has to entertain him.

Here it is. Ignore the lame video loop.